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Gokce B.

Niquie is such a special showroom! The designer herself is very friendly and welcoming, she was always there with her assistant and attended our fitting herself. I came from out of town with my friends, and they accommodated us without a problem. While searching for my dress, I showed her my Pinterest board and talked about my ideas for my wedding. She was so helpful and patient with me as I had my mind set. Neda offered me a new look that I had never thought about, and it looked perfect for my figure and our ceremony, I fell in love with each dress she pulled out, and I had a hard time to pick the one from them. I asked if she could make a little changes on my dress and add some lace to my skirt, she was very sweet and told me they would never let me leave before I was 100% happy with my decision. It took 3 fittings, till my gown was completed and we celebrated with a champagne and chocolates. She took some photos of me during final fitting and she shared it with me for my wedding diary. My experience at her place was very exceptional and I will always remember what a beautiful time I had here finding the dress I love.

Miray Y.

Team Niquie makes everything so much easier that i never had to overthink. From choosing the dress to responding to your every little concern, they make sure you are happy first! Neda is not only a brilliant designer, but also the best in fitting. She pays so much attention to detail and you that the dress evolves in every visit, becomes more a part of you. Thank you for making this process so special!